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      Members’ Services:
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      Training Assistance

      As a Picon member, you’re entitled to apply for a TAG (Training Assistance Grant). Members can, in any year, claim back 100% of their membership subscription (excluding VAT) for training. Applications must be received no later than 31st December each year and cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

      Click here to download your TAG Application Form

      In recognition of the need for Members to continue to train and upskill their workforce, Picon also offers its Members an additional grant, TAGX. TAGX refunds 75% of your training expenditure up to a maximum of £5,000. For every £4.00 that you spend on training, Picon will reimburse you £3.00. Applications must be received no later than 31st December each year and cannot be carried over from one year to the next.

      Click here to download the TAGX Application Form

      Business Support

      Managing your business can be a daunting task, but getting advice and information you can rely on will help you to resolve your problems.

      The Quest Business Support Helpline is available to Members as part of your subscription. It gives you access to a team of experienced, professional consultants who provide practical guidance using everyday language.

      The Quest Business Support Helpline offers Members access to four key services, the HR Service, The Legal Service, The Health & Safety Service and The Tax Service. The HR and legal lines are available 365 days a year.

      Call the Quest Business Support Helpline on 0116 243 7849.

      The Quest website offers unlimited access to a document library with almost 800 free downloadable template documents plus news articles and general information.

      Click here to view their website

      To access the above website you will need the Username and Password detailed below.

      Username: QuestatPicon

      Password: LovePr!nt


      Credit Management

      As a Picon Member you have been granted Premium Level membership to ICSM, an organisation dedicated to helping you make informed credit decisions. Their services, which include credit checks, debt recovery and expert financial consultancy, are offered to you at discounted rates.

      Click here to view their website

      For more information please contact Ian Carotte on 01454 322234 or email

      Manufacturing & Export

      As a large proportion of Picon members are active exporters, we regularly organise joint ventures with member companies who wish to exhibit at major trade shows as part of a pavilion. Members can benefit from both cost savings and support with project management. Our Exhibition Calendar includes a comprehensive list of print related exhibitions in Europe and the rest of the world. If you know of any other relevant exhibitions that have been omitted, please contact Bettine Pellant at

      Click to download the Exhibitions Calendar 2021-2024

      The Manufacturers & Exporters Focus Group meets twice a year and is a forum for the exchange of vital export information between a strong network of members. If you’re interested in becoming a part of this valuable focus group, visit our Focus Groups page.


      On behalf of our Members, we work to lobby against adverse legislation from Government and promote the expansion of national and international markets for the benefit of our Members. By protecting the integrity of our industry, we strive to make positive change that makes it simpler for suppliers and manufacturers to operate. Picon is actively involved with the Small Business Trade Association Forum (SBTAF) which makes sure that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) hears the concerns of small businesses, and consults small businesses on new initiatives and proposed changes in health and safety law. Picon is a member of the Engineering & Machinery Alliance (EAMA), providing a conduit to Brussels through its membership of the European organisation Orgalime. EAMA also lobbies Government and are regularly in communication with Ministers and The Treasury.

      Picon is a founder member of the Graphics & Print Media Alliance (GPMA) which consists of trade associations representing companies operating in the graphics and print media industry supply chain.


      Picon is a member of Global Print, a worldwide collection of associations covering China, Japan, India, USA and Europe. This active membership of UK, European and international bodies ensures that we can provide members with valuable information and representation both nationally and internationally, as well as an unparalleled support network.

      Global Print publishes a Newsletter twice a year with articles with Member countries. To view past issues click here. This continued and active membership of UK, European and International bodies ensures that we can provide our Members with valuable and relevant information.

      Compliance & Legislation

      As part of Picon’s policy to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation, we have created an easy to use Competition Law Compliance Manual. This applies to Picon itself and all Members when taking part in Picon business, and clearly outlines all collective responsibilities and constraints.

      Click here to download the Picon Competition Law Compliance Manual